WordGlide: for your iPhone and iPod touch

Words in the Sky

Learning new English words doesn't have to be so tedious!

Got some time to kill? Use your iPhone or iPod touch to learn new words in a fun way.

When WordGlide starts, the words start gliding across the iPhone's screen. Some words will occasionally stop and display their definitions. Just like those cool "Word of the Day" screen-savers. But unlike a screen-saver, you may also interact with the words in many ways.

We think WordGlide is a great ESL tool, but native English speakers will surely learn new words too.

Main Features:

  • More than 150,000 words. WordGlide contains so many words that there's a new word for everyone.
  • Audio pronunciation. Tap pronounce to hear the word pronounced.
  • Memorize new words. Mark a word as a Favorite by tapping plus and the word will show up more frequently.
  • Network connection not required. The whole dictionary is built-in, so a network connection is not required (except for audio pronunciation).
  • Pause/Resume/Fast Forward. Word definitions go away after a certain amount of time. You can keep them open by tapping pause. Tap resume to resume normal operation, or tap ff to make it go away immediately.
  • Control the flight speed. Control the flight speed of the words, the duration of the word's definition and other settings, by tapping settings.
  • Rotating the phone. WordGlide now works in both portrait and landscape orientations. We prefer landscape, but it's up to you to decide...
  • Drill into new words. If a word's description contains a word you're not familiar with, select it and its definition will be shown. You can drill into as many levels as you like.
  • Use shakes. Shake the iPhone to close a word definition will go away.

Reviews & Awards

"WordGlide is a fabulous way to increase your vocabulary."

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"Glides easily into the useful apps list!"

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