WordGlide: for your iPhone and iPod touch

Main Screen

When the app is launched a mix of random English words and your favorite words start gliding across the app's main screen. You can touch a word and its definition will be presented. If you do nothing, every once in a while a word will be picked randomly for you and its definition will be shown.

Word Definition

The word definition view presents the word's dictionary definition. You can pause/resume this screen, scroll long word definition, add or remove the word from your favorites list and hear the word's pronunciation. You can also select any word from the definition and drill-into that word's definition too.


From the app's settings screen you control the words' gliding speed, how long the word definitions are shown and the font sizes. You also turn on/off word practice mode and the use of device shakes. From the settings screen you can also access the quick-help screen and the favorite words list.

Favorite Words

The favorite words screen allows you to review and remove words from the favorites list. Note that you can also add/remove words from the list from the main screen via the +/- button.


The quick-help screen provides a quick description of the main application commands and controls. The help screen is available from the settings screen.

To watch a video of the app click here.

Reviews & Awards

"WordGlide is a fabulous way to increase your vocabulary."

The iPhone App Review

"Glides easily into the useful apps list!"

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